Eagle Academy is Growing Greens!


Students at Eagle Academy, located in Egg Harbor Township, NJ have been working hard preparing for the school gardens.  Mrs. Walters’ science classes have planted hundreds of seedlings under the grow lamps to be transplanted when the weather warms up.  They have prepared the ground for planting four trees, including two apple trees, in the front yard.  They have also tilled the soil in all four of our gardens.

        Mr. Meister’s classes have completed drilling and cutting two of the barrels that will be used for container gardens.  They are now heating and shaping the holes to make room for plants and bolting legs onto the barrels.eagle1

        Mr. Smith’s history classes are ready to get outside with their rakes and shovels to prepare the gardens for planting.  Two new fruit trees will be planted in the front garden to grow three varieties of apples for this fall.eagle4

       Mrs. McGinnis’s students are working in the kitchen to concoct new recipes for vegetable and fruit smoothies for the students and staff.eagle 3

       The whole school is looking forward to the first asparagus spears, which are expected within the next few weeks and will be served to the students during lunch.

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