2014 Mullica Township Schoolyard Garden

“Anyone who thinks that gardening begins in the spring and ends in the fall is missing the best part of the whole year. For gardening begins in January, begins with the dream.”
                                                                                                — Josephine Nuese

2014 opens our 3rd season of the Mullica Township Schoolyard Garden. Once again we have received a garden grant from AtlantiCare. We are looking forward to another successful year and continue to evolve and teach new skills.

Planting Lettuce & Journaling 004

      This year we are hoping that all the plants will be started from seeds by our students. We have purchase seeds and seed starting kits from Johnny’s Selected Seeds (Johnnyseeds.com). Most will be started in the classroom with the exception of potato seeds and one bunch of onion plants. They will be planted directly in the garden plots.

(** See an update from the Mullica Township Schoolyard Garden about seed starting in a entry entitled Growing for Success)

      Sustainable Mullica volunteers will help with all the planting.

Here is our starting lineup:

Kindergarten: Lettuce & marigolds
1st Grade: Pumpkins & potatoes
Middle School Special Education (Sheldon): Tomatoes & onions
7th Grade (Wilson): Peppers
ACE (Galli): Sunflowers, basil & cilantro

Planting garlic

The plots will be as follows:
1.    Potatoes
2.    Herbs
3.    Lettuce & greens
4.    Peppers & tomatoes
5.    Asparagus
6.    Onions & greens

      The pumpkins will take over the sunflower plot. Sunflowers & marigolds will be planted throughout the garden.
We are looking forward to a wonderful third season.

                               Be sure to check our www.schoolyardgarden.com.

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