Venice Park Preschool: A Little School with a Big Green Thumb

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The school garden at Venice Park School is finally underway! With the cold and snowy conditions, planting our cold weather seeds was delayed until April 7th (the past two years we planted in mid-March!). In order to prepare our garden boxes, the students helped the teachers dump in and till the new soil with rakes and tie string to separate the square feet.

The morning of planting day, all of the students were so excited to see the seeds and learn how to dig a small hole to place the seeds with their fingers! We all took turns planting many seeds, including snow peas, spinach, radishes, and broccoli.

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The students also took turns watering the gardens and we talked about the importance of water and sunshine on our seeds. Finally, we took a vote to guess which seed will sprout first, and the students guessed broccoli!

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Now, three weeks later, the actual winner was radishes, and most of our other seeds are sprouting as well. We cannot wait to start checking their growth, and are most excited to harvest and eat!!

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Thank you AtlantiCare!

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  1. This is great. Love seeing students in communities all across South Jersey developing gardening skills which can ultimately lead to a healthier life full of green thumbs and veggies/fruits!

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