A COLD, COLD Spring!!! at William Davies School Garden

This is our 3rd year with raised bed garden project. Our vegetable gardens got off to SLOW start this year. The Talent 21 project was delayed in planting sugar snap peas in the first 2 gardens for 2-3 weeks. The eighth graders build mini-greenhouses and plant seeds under the greenhouses in 2 of the raised bed gardens. Because of the cold weather, we had to wait longer than planned. As of this blog writing, the pea plants are only about 1 to 2 inches high and some haven’t germinated yet, despite having a mini-greenhouse covering the soil. Our kids are really disappointed in the growth, but it’s a good learning lesson and a good science project!

stock lettuce

Our environmental club started all the lettuces indoors on our grow-light stand in February but couldn’t plant until the first week in April instead of around March 15th. We planted cool weather vegetables in 3 raised bed gardens and in 2 of our waist level raised bed gardens. The vegetables we planted so far are Romaine lettuce, Arugula, Kale, Simpson lettuce, Boston Bibb lettuce, radishes and 2 varieties of spinach. They are growing SLOWLY! Even in the middle of April, we had some frost and lost some seedlings. Our other concern is about the 3 fig trees we have planted in large tubs. We wrapped them in burlap this fall, but they may not have survived this cold winter… only time will tell!

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