Getting Dirty at Dawes Avenue School Garden!

We are busy here at Dawes Avenue School (Somers Point, NJ) eating as many fruits and vegetables as we can so we can feed the worms in our worm farm.  Students are learning that we depend on the “lowly” worm to both help our plants get sufficient water and nutrients and to decompose our leftovers so we don’t end up knee deep in garbage.

photo 1

We bought 1,000 red wrigglers for $14.95 from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm in Pennsylvania and put 500 in each of two containers that we prepared according to the super easy directions you handed out at the garden grant workshop.  One photo show the students recycling cardboard for the bottom of the container.  We solicit coffee grinds, egg shells and vegetable scraps from staff and students.  Our Principal, Mrs. Lee is our biggest contributor!

The students in early March were planting tomato and pepper seeds.  Those seeds have germinated and we now have about 20 seedlings of each variety.  When the weather warms up, we are looking forward to hardening our baby plants and then putting them in the ground towards the middle of May.

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