How Does Your Garden Grow Cleary Elementary?

Although we got off to a slow start this year due to the weather our gardens here at Cleary Elementary School (located in Minotola, NJ) are looking good. Our radishes and lettuce were slow to come up but they are doing very well now. The students started everything from seed so the plants that we started indoors are doing great. We grew five types of tomatoes; cherry, beef steak, Valencia, plum, and big boy. We also grew some cucumbers, carrots, and three different types of peppers; jalapeno, green, and red.


When it came time to transplant our seedlings into the garden the kids were thrilled to say the least. I showed them how we can recycle newspaper in the garden beds in order to prevent too many weeds. At first they thought I was crazy but soon many students told me that they were using the newspaper at home and that some of their parents loved the idea so much that they used it in all of their flower beds as well.

I love how much the students learn from the garden and that they take that knowledge home with them. The kids feel very proud when they become the garden expert in their family. They also enjoy supplying their friends and family with fresh grown vegetables that they themselves have grown.

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