New “News” from Texas Avenue School Garden

Mrs. Garrett is back with an update on the Texas Avenue School Garden:

Well, it’s soon to be June and we have good news and bad news. Our garden is completely planted. We have two planters of various tomatoes, squash, peppers, peas and cucumbers. However, we are not so sure our cucumbers and peas are going to make it. We are struggling this year. The peas are fairing better than the cucumbers. We have replanted the cucumbers twice now and we have one lone plant remaining. We will plant at least three more new ones. Considering that the peas were started from seed stage, we will continue to give them baby care.


We introduced our students and garden soil to new worms this year. We ordered organic worms to help our organic soil with air and nutrients. Our fruit trees are growing well and we hope to have fruit for meals at our school. Our Mrs. Walters plans to have her students eat their peas straight from the vine. Umm, umm!photopeas

UPDATE: June 2014


Just wanted to give you guys an update. Success!! Mrs. Walter’s K class has harvested their peas. They were grown from seeds. We weren’t holding out much hope for them earlier, but they made it. The students are washing and eating their fresh crop right off the vine.   Ya!!!!

Mrs. Garrett

Texas Ave.


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