Off to a Great Start: Texas Avenue School’s Urban Garden

SPRING HAS FINALLY SPUNG! The garden for Texas Ave. School is underway.

School Garden coordinator Flossie Garrett checks in to give an update on their school garden:

photo 2I have to say that I found this year’s opening meeting very interesting. (AtlantiCare Healthy Schools’ Annual School Garden Kick Off Meeting, held February, 2014) So much, that I decided to piggy back off of one of the ideas that was mentioned. Hence! ADOPT A PLANTER BOX was started. I sent an email to all school staff to remind them that the garden is a school garden. I tried to entice them into getting involved by having them adopt one of the planter boxes for their own classroom. I posted flyers and gave them a countdown as to how many were left after a class adopted. IT WORKED! We have 5 planter boxes and they have all been adopted. I made adoption signs and posted them on each box. Two K classes have adopted a box each, One 3trd grade class, the 2 fourth grade classes are sharing and One 5th grade class adopted.

photo 4


Mrs. Walter’s K class started organic peas from seeds in her classroom during science and then they planted them in their planter box. They are growing strong and the children really enjoyed it.

Thanks to a donation from Home Depot and permission from our principal, we have planted to apple trees as well. Due to the weather, the other grades will be planting this coming week. Texas Ave. School’s Urban Community Garden is off to a great start.

photoPhysical Education teacher Julie Land getting her hands dirty!

Click Here for an update on Texas Avenue School Garden!

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