Reporting in: Chelsea Heights School Garden

We’re getting a great jump on things with our gardens here in Chelsea Heights this year. We started tomato, pepper, kale, spinach and various herb seeds for use in the garden using a grow light setup. We will also be growing pinto beans that our students grew as a science project. I’m not sure how much our bean plants will yield, but I read that growing beans on a rotation basis helps to restore nitrogen levels in the soil.

Our gardens are comprised of raised beds in a concrete courtyard made from 2×12’s. The corners of our beds had started to split apart (some worse than others) so we had to do some repairs this season. I constructed corner reinforcement brackets out of some metal braces and 2×10’s and attached them last week. They should do the trick.


Lil’ gardeners getting the soil ready at the Chelsea Heights school garden.

We have our compost tumblers full of raw fruit and vegetable scraps and vegetative waste from last year’s garden plants, but we won’t be able to utilize that compost for quite a while. Mr. Flood, our principal, is very enthusiastic about incorporating worm composters into our system, as he has a few bins already started at his home.

We have lots of ideas about transforming our courtyard into a full blown garden/arboretum and are very excited about the possibilities. We are loving this weather and are looking forward to transferring our young plants into the garden in a week or so.

** Chelsea Heights School is located in Atlantic City, NJ.


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