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December 2014

Catawba Garden: Place to Be!

You only need one word to describe the schools garden at Alder Avenue School, Egg Harbor Township, NJ…CATAWBA! Catawba Oh! It’s the place to be! You could shovel dirt or even plant a tree- maybe even some peanuts. This year the Catawba Project has planted an amazing assortment of exotic plants, some of which are peanuts, beets, and kale. Our garden is jam packed

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How to: Saving Basil Seeds

Checking in to give us some great tips to save basil seeds is community gardener and garden steward from the Richard Stockton College, Sarah Lipuma. It’s time to start saving our seeds at Hamilton Community Garden. Today’s seed saving guide is on basil! At Hamilton, we had Thai Basil, Lemon Basil, Aroma Basil, and Cinnamon Basil this year. To have a good amount of

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Seed Savers: Sunflowers

Bringing her garden know-how from the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, student and garden steward, Maggie Buford gave us some hints how to save the seeds of those beautiful sunflower blossoms for next years garden.The picture above shows sunflowers planted at the Hamilton Memorial Community Garden. ———————————————————— Over the summer, we planted several sunflowers at the Salvation Army and Hamilton garden sites in

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