Lessons Learned with Seed Starting at Dr. J. M. Intermediate School

We have had a pond and flower garden for about 6 years now. We began our agricultural attempt about three years ago by building two raised beds and planting in the spring. Unfortunately, this only allowed us to harvest in the summer when the majority of our students were unavailable – although, we did have some summertime BBQs with garden fresh salads.

This year, after attending the workshop at the ACUA last year, we attempted to start our plants in biodegradable pots indoors. We thought this would be simple, but we ran into two challenges; space and sunlight. We had trouble finding a place where the plants would be out of the way, but also get enough sun. I tried the stairwell where about 400 hundred kids walk by every day. This worked fairly well except for the 2 planters that got knocked over by some curious students. The other teachers who were also planting tried to raise them in the classroom. With 25 kids and 75 plants, space became an issue. Plus, the custodians weren’t too pleased. Luckily for us most of the plants survived and will be planted in one of our (now) 9 raised beds or the newly tilled “farmland” behind them. Look for updates in our next blog. Thank you to AtlantiCare and the ACUA for their generosity and support. – Mr. Colin McClain

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