Mainland High School: Learning to Love Local Produce

By Emily Wynne

mainlandI initially signed up for this class because it had the word food in the title. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Now, after being in the class almost a whole year, it is one of my favorite classes. I learned how to build something useful out of nothing, how to work in a group, and how food affects our society and world.

In September, we started building our raised beds. We had to dig out where we wanted it to be, build it, and then fill it with dirt. By the end of class I’d be sweaty and tired. Unlike other classes though, we were making something that you could actually see the progression of every day. Once we planted the seeds it was a waiting game before anything actually grew. Once everything was ready to harvest, it was exciting. We got to cook and eat the food we had worked all these months to produce. On the days we didn’t go outside to tend the garden, we learned where store bought food comes from.

Most of the produce at the store are grown in monocultures and then flown miles to get to the store. We learned about the benefits of eating local, from farms that use more sustainable practices and the positive effect that has on the environment. Since starting this class, I’ve put effort into knowing where my food comes from. After having the garden this past year at school, I’ve started a garden at home. There is nothing more rewarding then getting to eat the fruits of your labor.

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