Northfield Community School Garden: Enjoying the Bounty of our Earth

Although Mother Nature caused us to have a late start this year, we have had good results in the past few weeks. Our lettuces and herbs have really taken off and our peas and beans are getting ready to start climbing! The best surprise we had was early in the spring. We went outside to start preparing our garden beds for planting and we had asparagus!!! We had started it from seed last year, so I was hoping, but not counting on any, until maybe next year. We were quite excited!

As far as preparing the garden beds, the students learned about Square Foot Gardening and we made a plan ahead of time to incorporate the vegetables and herbs that the children wanted to try. They researched how many plants of the different types could be planted in a square foot. Then the children measured and marked the garden boxes. We cultivated and added new soil, laid our soaker hoses. Then, I drove in nails and they helped run the lines to mark the square feet. We planted some seeds and some plants, depending on the type of plant.

We enjoyed a small harvest sampling at our last meeting and are planning to meet in July to have a lunch together and enjoy a bountiful harvest celebration.


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