Richmond Avenue Elementary School: Sharing in the Joy of Gardening

By: Janine Krizauskas

I want to speak on the AtlantiCare sustainable garden grant. It has been very beneficial to my school and my school’s families for the last two years. Not only have I shared gardening lessons with classes, planted with them, and exposed some of our students to vegetables and herbs they have never tried before. It shows our kids where food comes from which in today’s world is very important especially since we are going to have to work harder with less land to feed more people.

My favorite part of it is to have the kids help plant and have them come back out and look at the garden and see how much everything has grown. I correct myself, the favorite part has to be when they try something from the garden they have seen grow from a seed to a plant and then finally to the plate. Watching the kids try something new and realize they like it as a PE/Health teacher warms my heart.

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