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From the Courtyard Garden: Buena Regional Middle School

This is the first blog from the Courtyard Garden at Buena Regional Middle School. When you gaze out the window you can see there is quite a bit growing on. I’ll give you a quick glance. The giant pumpkins, A.K.A. “Middle School Monsters”, have been planted and are popping out of the ground. If all goes well there will be a “Guess the Weight”

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A COLD, COLD Spring!!! at William Davies School Garden

This is our 3rd year with raised bed garden project. Our vegetable gardens got off to SLOW start this year. The Talent 21 project was delayed in planting sugar snap peas in the first 2 gardens for 2-3 weeks. The eighth graders build mini-greenhouses and plant seeds under the greenhouses in 2 of the raised bed gardens. Because of the cold weather, we had

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New “News” from Texas Avenue School Garden

Mrs. Garrett is back with an update on the Texas Avenue School Garden: Well, it’s soon to be June and we have good news and bad news. Our garden is completely planted. We have two planters of various tomatoes, squash, peppers, peas and cucumbers. However, we are not so sure our cucumbers and peas are going to make it. We are struggling this year.

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