Healing Arts

AtlantiCare’s Healing Arts: Bringing the Arts Alive

Calm. Connection. Meditation. Escape. Just some of the ways the AtlantiCare’s Healing Arts Program is making a difference for patients, visitors and staff.

It takes more than medicine to build a healthy community. Healing Arts is a unique initiative, designed to showcase original artwork. Paintings brighten hospital corridors. Photography accents a medical office lobby. Sculpture brings a landscaped courtyard to life. Art in the healthcare setting is helping to make AtlantiCare’s public spaces more appealing.

Beyond the aesthetic, it could even help you feel better. Research has shown that the arts can reduce stress during waiting, reduce patient anxiety, improve the working environment for healthcare providers and enhance the patient-visitor experience. Art can even reduce pain.

By integrating the arts, we visibly demonstrate our intent to create a healing presence in our community. AtlantiCare has made a commitment to dedicate one percent of construction costs to public artwork. Much of the art was commissioned from New Jersey artists. It is one of the most ambitious projects in public art in the state. It brings opportunities to discover the arts to thousands.

Healing Arts also includes special events and art exhibitions. The program puts the arts front and center, enhancing AtlantiCare’s mission to build a healthier community.