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AtlantiCare Primary Care Plus

Are you trying to find a doctor or primary care physicians in southeastern New Jersey?

At AtlantiCare, our Primary Care Plus offers a wide range of physician options for a variety of personal preferences and needs. So you can pinpoint your ideal physician based on they’re area of interest, what language(s) they speak, where they’re located, their gender, what insurances they accept, and more. Learn more about AtlantiCare Primary Care Plus

Annette's Story

In March of this year, Annette Thomas almost died. Her health was slowly deteriorating, but she didn’t realize it.

Annette didn’t have a regular primary care provider, so at the request of her daughter, she made an appointment with an AtlantiCare Primary Care Plus provider. And she’s glad she did. Her Advanced Practice Nurse (APN), Terri Rodino, discovered that Annette’s blood pressure was dangerously high. Terri immediately sent her to the emergency department at AtlantiCare, where they determined Annette had blockages in the left and right sides of her heart. Quite the dramatic turn of events—Annette would ultimately require two stents.

Months later, she feels like a new person. She’s healthy once again, and spends her days without any of the symptoms that plagued her before her emergency. No more shortness of breath, headaches or fatigue. She can keep up with her grandkids and their busy schedules—all thanks to the coordinated services of AtlantiCare. Annette continues to see Terri for routine care, as well as her cardiologist for follow-up care. She’s even started referring her friends to AtlantiCare.

Annette feels indebted to Terri for the support she provided. “It’s like a miracle happened,” she recalls warmly. “Terri saved my life.”

How Does AtlantiCare Health Solutions Work?

Quality healthcare experiences and medical savings begin with better-coordinated care. AtlantiCare Health Solutions makes both possible by focusing on:

Our Solutions Include:

Primary Care Plus


When you collaborate with AtlantiCare Health Solutions, your employees will have the opportunity to seek primary care at one of our Primary Care Plus practices. What sets Primary Care Plus providers apart is that they get to know and understand your employees.

This relationship allows our healthcare team to apply evidence-based medicine to manage chronic conditions effectively, and ensure that your employees’ wellness and preventive care needs are met. Additionally, Primary Care Plus practices are located throughout the region, offering open-access appointments and expanded office hours, so your employees can get the care they need on the day they need it.

Your employees will still have the power of choice. AtlantiCare Health Solutions does not limit your employees to a specific network of providers. Health savings are achieved through education, prevention and coordination—not by restricting access to care.

Integrated Care Managers

Care Managers, who are located within our Primary Care Plus practices, support our providers and ensure that your employees understand and follow through with their prescribed medical recommendations. Care managers are an integral part of our healthcare team, offering your employees personal assistance in planning and coordinating their medical care when necessary.

On-site Care Managers ensure that your employees don’t fall through the cracks. They extend our medical team beyond the exam room by providing:

  • Comprehensive care review for complex patient cases
  • Safe, well-coordinated care transitions when a patient is moving from one healthcare setting to another
  • Post-hospitalization management, such as medication reconciliation, review of discharge instructions and supplemental education on
  • chronic conditions
  • Connection with community resources

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IT Infrastructure

Electronic Medical Records and other technology applications are key components in today’s connected world. These advancements enable our Primary Care Plus providers and care management team to proactively make informed decisions, reduce miscommunication and avoid unnecessary costs.

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Hospitalist Program

We know primary care providers are busy in their practices. To help them better provide their patients with the timely care they deserve, AtlantiCare employs hospitalists. Hospitalists—experts in inpatient care—are providers who remain within the hospital and focus solely on patients admitted to AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center. Our use of hospitalists has enabled us to reduce the length of hospital stays, ensure more timely tests and other patient orders, and improve communication with patients and their caregivers.

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Employee Engagement, Prevention and Wellness Programming

AtlantiCare Health Solutions follows evidence-based prevention and wellness practices. Your employees are encouraged to adopt these preventive behaviors through a combination of communications, wellness screenings and vaccinations, and other prevention-focused programs. In addition, our team can help you bring wellness into your organizational culture through advanced benefit design
and wellness program planning.

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What is AtlantiCare Health Solutions?

AtlantiCare Health Solutions is an accountable care organization (ACO) run by medical providers who become completely accountable for the care of your employees. At AtlantiCare Health Solutions, our physicians, hospitals and other care providers work with organizations like yours to apply evidence-based medicine and offer increased patient coordination. This results in improved patient outcomes and reduced medical costs.

Here’s how it works

Quality healthcare experiences and medical savings begin with better-coordinated care.

Everyone Benefits

  • Patients/employees enjoy improved quality of lives, better care experiences, as well as increased access to providers and better health outcomes.
  • Employers can experience reduced medical costs through better utilization trends and reduced fees for AtlantiCare services.

Ready to get Started? Here's how to Contact Us.

Contact Us

  audrey-heistAudrey Heist, RD, Director, Health Engagement, AtlantiCare Health Solutions

At AtlantiCare, we know that good health is good business. Become an AtlantiCare Health Solutions partner and enjoy the many benefits better-coordinated healthcare can offer.

We’ve successfully implemented it within our organization—and can do the same for yours.

For more information, please contact Audrey Heist at 609-272-6279

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Employer Health Solutions


Are you interested in providing quality healthcare for your employees, while reducing your organization’s overall medical costs?

AtlantiCare is.

Recently, AtlantiCare decided to change the way we deliver healthcare to our own employees. In 2011, we created AtlantiCare Health Solutions, an organization focused on the health of entire populations. Our goal was to improve the care experience and quality of life of our own employees while lowering our medical costs.

We succeeded and so can you.

AtlantiCare Health Solutions—an accountable care organization (ACO)—is a big part of our success. We work with local employers to combat rising healthcare costs by providing high-quality, patient-centered primary care and implementing employee engagement initiatives to ensure better healthcare outcomes.

Let AtlantiCare Health Solutions be your partner in providing coordinated, effective healthcare to your employees at less cost.

Our approach is threefold:

1) Analytics

We start with analytics to gain insight into the healthcare needs and utilization trends of your organization.

2) Primary Care Network

We then connect you with our advanced primary care network providers who practice efficient, evidence-based medicine to better manage the health of your employees. These providers are rewarded whenever savings are recognized through the health status improvement of your workforce.

3) Employee Engagement

Finally, we work with you to design benefits that contribute to improved health outcomes while engaging your employees to participate in improving their own health.

This approach, combined with AtlantiCare’s service excellence and proven efficiency, results in better outcomes and a healthier workforce—at a more affordable cost. We think you’ll agree that good health is good business.

AtlantiCare Health Solutions invites you to experience the benefits we now enjoy: Healthier Employees. Lower Medical Cost Trends.

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Diabetes Community

Atlantic City | EHT | Pomona


Breast Cancer Support

2nd Thursday of each month
AtlantiCare Cancer Care Institute


Stroke Support Groups
First Wednesday of each month



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