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To refer a patient to AtlantiCare Mission HealthCare, please call 609-344-5714. Patients may also walk in without an appointment.

Adjacent to the Atlantic City Rescue Mission
2009 Bacharach Blvd.
Atlantic City, NJ

AtlantiCare Health Plex
1401 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 2600
Atlantic City, NJ

Covenant House
929 Atlantic Avenue
Atlantic City, NJ

To refer a patient to AtlantiCare Mission HealthCare, please call 609-344-5714. Patients may also walk in without an appointment.

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WOW ME 2000mg© App

wow-me-iconThis application is designed to assist Heart Failure patients in learning and performing their daily Heart Failure Self-Management tasks. This application assists patients in managing their chronic condition of heart failure.

This mobile application is based on the successful Heart Failure Self-Management tool WOW ME 2000mg© and designed to complement the medical care a patient receives from their health care team. Use of the WOW ME 2000 application can help the patient to identify early signs of Heart Failure Decompensation while helping them to maximize their over-all level of wellness.

The WOW ME 2000mg© program is a simple approach to Heart Failure Self-Management, designed by AtlantiCare’s Cardiac Service line.

Download WOW ME 2000mg


wow-me-screen  wow-me-screen-2 

This past month a landmark decision was made by the Centers for Medicare services to approve lung cancer screening. Up to this point lung cancer has a largely been a deadly disease with poor survival. The 5 year mortality has not significantly changed since the 1970’s despite significant advancement in medical technology and treatment.
In 2002 the National Cancer Institute (NCI) sponsored a large multicenter trial to examine the possible benefit of utilizing low-dose CT screening in patients who had a strong history of smoking. The National Lung Cancer Screening Trial was concluded in 2010 and published in 2011; the results were astounding showing a 20% decrease in mortality in patients who were screened with low dose CT compared to chest x-ray.
Following this publication the national comprehensive cancer network issued recommendations for screening. Since then Atlantic County has remained at the forefront of lung cancer detection. Atlantic Medical Imaging began screening patient's in November 2011, providing a free service for the some 250,000 residents of Atlantic County and the surrounding communities. The success of this program has resulted in the detection earlier stage cancers, with much better survival.
This past year the US Preventative task force endorsed lung cancer screening in patients 55 years of age with at least 30 pack years history of smoking. As of February 5th of 2015 CMS and all private insurance carriers have begun covering these patients for yearly low dose CT screenings. This has been described as a “game changer” in the fight against lung cancer, which claims almost 160,000 lives a year. Accounting for more deaths than breast, colon, prostate and pancreatic cancers combined.
AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center provides the first and only local option for patients to receive treatment from an established multidisciplinary team consisting of experienced thoracic surgeons, pulmonologists, oncologists, radiation oncologists and radiologists. AtlantiCare Imaging Services and AMI will provide this screening for the “at risk population” with the hope to change the mortality of this once deadly disease.

AtlantiCare’s MEET ME @ 7 App for iPhone®

Save time and stay on track with your diabetes management goals

If you’re living with diabetes, you know that there’s a lot of information to keep track of – food intake, weight, and blood sugar levels, among other things. The good news is, with proper management, you can help minimize the impact of this disease on your health. The MEET ME @ 7 mobile app from AtlantiCare is an easy-to-use self-management tool for people living with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

Developed by AtlantiCare’s diabetes education team, this free app can help you:

  • Save time measuring and recording blood sugar levels
  • Measure and record medications, carbohydrates, activity, and other important labs
  • Stay on track to meet management goals
  • Share important information with your healthcare team
mm-icon  Download MEET Me @ 7 » 

What’s your zone?

MEET ME @ 7 helps you keep track of your diabetes “zones” for blood sugar, diet, exercise, medications, and physical symptoms.

  • Green Zone – Great control! Keep up the good work.
  • Yellow Zone – Caution! Inform your healthcare team at your next visit.
  • Red Zone – Emergency! Take action now (or when?). Call your provider.

healthy-cooking - CopyWhat does MEET ME @ 7 stand for?

Monitor your blood sugar every day, or as advised by your healthcare provider.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet and read food labels.

Exercise and be active.

Treat your blood sugar.

Medication adherence is vital.

Evaluate yourself from head to toe.

@7 = an A1C of less than 7% (or a goal set by your healthcare team)

Notable features include

  • Red, yellow, and green zones provide feedback on data entered.
  • Comprehensive diabetes log (blood sugar value, event tags, activity, and carbohydrates) with ability to share 7-day, 30-day or 90-day log via e-mail with healthcare team.
  • Additional trackers include blood pressure, A1C, LDL cholesterol, and weight.
  • Create and manage SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound goals.
  • Medication reminders/alerts.
  • Education and information to help you
    • Understand how diabetes affects the body.
    • Know signs and symptoms of high and low blood sugar.
    • Take action to manage out-of-range values.
    • Understand the care schedule for diabetes.
mm-icon  Download MEET Me @ 7 » 
Diabetes Community

Atlantic City | EHT | Pomona


Breast Cancer Support

2nd Thursday of each month
AtlantiCare Cancer Care Institute


Stroke Support Groups
First Wednesday of each month



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