The Admission Process

When you arrive at the hospital we will ask you for personal, health insurance and emergency contact information. Accurate and complete information is key to successful care and treatment. Your privacy is always a priority. By law, your medical information must be protected and will not be shared outside AtlantiCare.

Planned Admission

Planned admission refers to scheduled in-hospital stay, after you and your doctor decide that you need hospital-based treatment.

If your admission was prescheduled, you will receive a courtesy call from AtlantiCare Central Reservations. During that call, a hospital representative will ask you to provide personal and insurance information. Central Reservations will explain any co-pays or deductibles that might be due on arrival. Central Reservations will also tell you what you should expect when you arrive.

Direct Admission

Direct admission patients are sent to the hospital directly by their physician or primary care provider when their health condition requires it.

If your physician or primary care provider Direct admission patients should report to the Information Desk in the main lobby of the hospital on arrival. A Customer Service representative will direct you to the Patient Placement office. Your doctor will have made necessary arrangements and the hospital will be expecting you.

A member from the Patient Placement team will ensure the hospital has your personal and health insurance information. This person will also escort you to your room.

Emergency Admission

Emergency admission occurs when life-threatening illness or injury requires an immediate hospital care.

Some emergency patients are released from the emergency department or emergency center once treatment is complete. Others require a longer hospital stay (hospital admission). If your doctors decide you should stay in the hospital after emergency care, we will admit you to the hospital as an in-patient.

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