Your Accomodations

We want you to feel safe, secure and comfortable when you are staying with us. Here are some tips on making sure your room and your bed feel as much like home as possible.

Your Room


Your room assignment is based on your medical needs and availability on the day you arrive. We have both private (single-bed) and semi-private (two-bed) rooms at our Mainland Campus. All rooms are private at the Atlantic City Campus.

Room Temperature

We can adjust the thermostat in your room for your comfort. If you feel too warm or too cold, please speak with your nurse.

Your Hospital Bed

Hospital beds are electronically operated. Your nurse will show you and/or your family how to work your bed. Your hospital bed is probably higher than your bed at home. Getting into and out of bed might take some getting used to. If your doctor has ordered bed rest for you, or you feel unsure about getting into or out of bed on your own, please use the call button to call for help.

Bedside rails are for your safety. We might raise them at night, or during the day if you are resting, recovering from surgery or taking certain medications.

Calling your Nurse

AccomHousekeepingYou have two nurse call buttons. One is attached to your bed. The other is in the bathroom. Pressing a nurse call button alerts the nurses at the station that you need help. It also allows you to speak directly to a nurse. Please use the button whenever you need it.

Telephone and Television

If you have questions about the telephone or television in your room, ask a member of your care team.

Patient Mail

Letters, cards or packages will be delivered to your room each day. We will forward letters and packages that arrive after you have been discharged to your home. You can buy stamps, cards and stationery in the Gift Shop. If you have something that needs to be mailed, you can give it to your nurse with a return address and adequate postage.

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