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Evidence Based Practice (EBP)

EBP promotes a clinical environment where the most up-to-date clinical evidence, derived from either research or best practice, expertise, and feedback from our patients and clients is fused to provide the best care and achieve positive outcomes. EBP is seated firmly in our daily practice as demonstrated through our policy development, standards of care, patient care delivery models, and quality improvement initiatives. The ARMC Nursing Research Council obtained permission from the University of IOWA to utilize the IOWA Model of Evidence-Based Practice to Improve Quality Care.  This model provides a guide for clinical decision-making and fordetails regarding implementation of evidence-based practice, and includes both the practitioner and organizational perspectives. To find out more about the Iowa model click here.

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quality_outcomesNursing Research

Nursing research is integral to professional practice at AtlantiCare.  Nurses at all levels are involved in research activities to explore, predict and discover practice applications. Nursing research is used as the scientific basis for confirming or enhancing existing knowledge as well as generating new knowledge. The result is validation of existing practice, implementation of changes in practice, and enhanced evidence based provision of patient care.   

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Nursing Research Council

In 2016, the Nursing Research Council membership elected to change the name to more closely reflect the purpose.  The new name demonstrates the synergy between evidence based practice and research.

PURPOSE: The Nursing Evidence Based Practice and Research council ensures

the conscientious integration of evidence-based practice (EBP) and research into clinical and operational processes to appropriately explore the safest and best practices for patients and practice environments. It investigates and recommends professional models and frameworks supporting EBP and Research and advocates for the protection of human subjects through review of all nursing research. The council; ensures nurse researchers and council members are knowledgeable in the protection of human subjects through completion of CITI training, and collaborates with the IRB. 

The Nursing Evidence Based Practice and Research council promotes and recognizes dissemination of research and EBP initiatives both internally and externally. It advances professional development specific to the scientific conduct of research and EBP through internal offerings, conference attendance, and personal mentorship. Members participate in the Southern New Jersey Evidence Based Practice and Nursing Research Consortium, the New Jersey Consortium of Magnet® Organizations, and professional nursing specialties to network, foster change, and generate new knowledge. It provides oversight and guides students through the organizational research and EBP processes.

Nursing Evidence Based Practice and Research Highlights

AtlantiCare nurses provided leadership and were invited to present posters and podium presentations during the second annual Southern New Jersey Evidence Based Practice and Research Consortium.  This consortium, established in 2015, is comprised of healthcare organizations and academic institutions dedicated to enhancing nursing knowledge, advance research and evidence based practice, and expand dissemination of nursing research and evidence based practice in the South Jersey locale. It is recognized as an affiliate of the New Jersey Consortium of Magnet® Organizations. 

More than 150 nurses from the tri-state area attended the 2017 Research Day Research, Theory and Evidenced Based Practice: Don’t Get Lost in Translation

Sr. Callista Roy, PhD, RN, FAAN,nurse theorists, was the keynote speaker. Participants shared 52 posters and eight podium presentations and disseminated scientific findings of research and practice changes through translation of research into practice.  Presenters and attendees included nurses and healthcare professionals from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Performance Improvement - Excellence in Action

Nurses from across AtlantiCare are involved with quality initiatives. Nursing leadership fosters a culture where nurses are empowered to utilize meaningful data to initiate change in patient care delivery. Nurses are encouraged and rewarded for participating as “champions” and change agents. Champions are mentored in a specific patient care delivery initiative and become experts and consultants to their colleagues. Champions lead nursing and interprofessional colleagues in exploring and strategizing initiatives best suited for their patient populations and unit and department needs. This integrative approach creates a culture of ownership, positive patient outcomes, and staff satisfaction.

Annually, nursing leadership sets the stage by aligning the nursing annual plan with the organizational strategic priorities under the “5 Best” performance excellence domains (Best Quality, Best People Best Workplace, Best Customer Experience, Best Financial Performance, Best Growth).

Nurses actively participate in contributing to organizational outcomes through daily practice, personal goals, and organizational commitments.  

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