Shared Governance

Shared Governance at ARMC empowers nurses at all levels of the organization to work collaboratively in analyzing and designing structures and processes that promote accountability and ownership in the provision of quality care, a safe caring work environment, and staff and customer satisfaction.


Unit Based Nursing Forums

Through unit based forums nurses along with members of the unit based healthcare delivery teams monitor and provide input regarding unit operations and clinical issues. Unit Champions assist and lead innovations and improvements through analysis, design and implementation of new processes, education, safety improvements, workflow design, staff and patient satisfaction and quality initiatives.


Nursing Council Structure

Shared Governance


Our shared governance model engages nurses in identifying opportunities to improve the work environment and set the direction for each unit/department.  Forums are a vehicle for empowerment at the unit level and focus on specific operations and clinical issues.

In addition to unit based forums, Nursing is represented and supported by a council structure comprised of nurses and interprofessional colleagues from all aspects and levels of practice. The councils, created to embrace a collaborative environment steeped in mutual respect is a fertile environment for networking, improving patient outcomes, focusing on organizational priorities, enhancing collaborative practice, increasing professional development, improving clinical practice, and creating a culture of safety and innovation. Replace linked booklet with current booklet (see attached)
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