AtlantiCare Rotations

The Psychiatric Intervention Program (PIP)

This service is a 24-hour crises center located at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center, city campus.  PIP contains 11 beds and serves individuals in crises with psychiatric or substance-related conditions.

  • Supervisors: Dr. Isaacson, Dr. Arocha, and Dr. Panah


Short Term Acute Inpatient Psychiatry

The inpatient unit is a 30-bed psychiatric inpatient program located at the mainland campus of AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center.  This service cares for patients with mental illness and addiction.   The inpatient unit provides psychiatric care to adults ages 18 to 65, and even patients in there 70’s and 80’s.   The ethnic cultural mix is diverse.  Most of the patients are Caucasian (63%), African American (23%) and Hispanics (11 %), however often we get patients who are Asian, Asian Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Samoan, and West Indian.  Diagnosis is usually diverse, schizophrenia spectrum 24%, bipolar spectrum 26 %, depression 26%, depressive psychosis 13%. 

  • Supervisors: Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Ortega

Consult Liaison

  • Residents currently do rotations in consult psychiatry in their second year.   Typical issues include delirium, capacity evaluations, medication management, and evaluation for suicide or self-harm.
    Supervisor: Dr. Isaacson

Adult Intervention Services

AIS is an alternative to ER treatment when the patient is not in danger of hurting himself/herself or others.  This is a walk-in clinic.  No appointment is necessary and the clinic is open every day of the week, 24 hours a day.   Residents can choose to do a rotation in their 4th year. 

  • Supervisors: Dr. Ashfaq and Dr. Daclan

Atlantic City Rescue Mission HealthCare

Provides primary health care to the homeless and indigent population in Atlantic County.  The office is located inside the Mission’s facility and services include group therapy, acute partial care, individual appointments, and medication monitoring.

Addiction Psychiatry

The Atlantic City Rescue Mission HealthCare residents care for patients with addictions, detox, and co-morbid mental illness.   Residents may chose to do a rotation in their third or fourth year.

Outpatient Adult Psychiatry

ABH provides behavioral healthcare and addiction recovery services to adults with psychiatric, psychological, addiction and social issues.   Services include individual counseling, group counseling, employee assistance program, addiction recovery, intensive outpatient treatment, compulsive gambling treatment, and psychiatric evaluations and medication management.   There are 4 locations spread over South Jersey.  However, residents do outpatient clinic at Hartford Avenue, located in Atlantic City.

  • Supervisor: Dr. Corvari

Acute Partial Care

This is a step down level of care compared to inpatient.  Residents can chose to do a rotation in their 4th year of residency.

  • Supervisor: Dr. Melnik

The Program of Assertive Community Treatment (PACT)

PACT is a comprehensive program that provides local treatment to people with persistent and serious mental illness.  PACT is indicated for adults with series mental illness, such as schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, and bipolar disorder, disabled from their mental illness, effects their employments, self-care, and interpersonal relationships.

  • Supervisors: Dr. Bhuyan and Dr. Daclan

Outpatient Child/Adolescent Psychiatry

Provides services for patients from 3 to 17 y/o and their family.  Services include individual and family counseling, psychiatric evaluation and medication management, group therapy and substance abuse.

  • Supervisor: Dr. Huang

Acute Partial Care Child/Adolescent Psychiatry

Provides a lower level of care compared to inpatient psychiatry.

  • Supervisor: Dr. Griinke

NewVision (Medical Stabilization for Adults)

A voluntary program that cares for individuals with addictions, acute withdrawal symptoms and addiction related health problems.   Residents see patients in this service in their consultation liaison rotation.

  • Supervisor: Dr. Isaacson

Internal Medicine

This is a four-month rotation required for board eligibility in psychiatry.  Usual rotation involves 2 months of floor services and 2 months of ambulatory medicine.

  • Supervisor: Internal Medicine attendings


This is a two-month rotation required for board eligibility in Psychiatry.  This service consists of doing consults and outpatient care.

  • Supervisors: Dr. Ravi Yangala and Dr. Syed Jaffrey


(Other electives are available; Discuss with Program Director; Electives outside of NJ/DE need PD/RTC approval then GME/Legal approval)

Addiction Psychiatry

  • Dr. Michael Shore, Cherry Hill, NJ, Private Practice
    Addiction Inpatient Unit, Hampton Hospital

Adult General Inpatient Psychiatry

  • CUH, South 5
    ARMC, Pine 1 (Voluntary/Involuntary Unit)

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

  • Dr. Rao Gogineni, CUH
    Dr. Consuelo Cagande, CUH
    Dr. Pumariega, Bancroft (Autism Spectrum)
    Dr. Griinke, ARMC
    Dr. David Huang, ARMC
    Dr. Pradhan, CNI and/or Youth Consultation Services
    Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatry Unit, Hampton Hospital

Consultation & Liaison (Psychosomatic) Psychiatry

  • Dr. Joaquin Stable, CUH
    Attending, ARMC

Emergency Psychiatry

  • CUH
    PIP (crisis center), ARMC

Forensic Psychiatry

  • Dr. Carla Rodgers, Private Practice

Geriatric Psychiatry

  • Dr. Pamela Szeeley
    Inpatient Unit, Hampton Hospital

Community Psychiatry


  • Dr. Andy Pumariega
    CUH – ARMC faculty

Sports Psychiatry

Dr. Thomas Newmark, CUH


Administrative Psychiatry

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