Career Development

career-dev-imageAtlantiCare offers a wide array of free staff development opportunities, including hundreds of e-Learning courses (many with CEUs or Continuing Education Units) and a whole curriculum of skill improvement programs. Keeping your skills up to date and acquiring as much training as possible is a great way to enrich your career and your life. Chart your course for success by taking advantage of these opportunities!

The Education Department offers three leadership development tracks. Whatever your position, there is always more to learn about becoming an effective leader.

Track 1: Pathways to Leadership

The Pathways to Leadership track is designed for front-line staff with a high potential for taking on a leadership role. This one-year program focuses on the core knowledge and behaviors necessary to be a successful leader. The program requires the commitment of both the participant and his/her leader that the participant will be able to attend all sessions during the program year. There are five full-day sessions followed by six sessions of two-hours of action learning/skill practice working on a project.

Employees, please visit the Education site on the Intranet for more information or an application.

Track 2: Foundations of Leadership

Our “new leader orientation” program is designed to equip newly hired and newly promoted leaders with the knowledge, resources and understanding of what is expected of an AtlantiCare leader. The two-day program is held quarterly on site. All managers, directors and supervisors are required to participate in this program.

Employees, please contact Michelle Keck 272-6301 to register.

Track 3: Manager Ready

This program is designed to develop front line supervisors and managers with 1 to 4 years of experience in their role. Manager Ready is an online assessment and simulation tool that measures and provides feedback on nine competencies most critical for success in a frontline leadership role: Coaching for Success, Coaching for Improvement, Managing Relationships, Guiding Interactions, Problem Analysis, Judgment, Delegation and Empowerment, Gaining Commitment, and Planning and Organizing. The Manager Ready program provides targeted and individual feedback to the participant as well as guidance for their leader so the two can work together and collaborate on a professional development plan for skill enhancement and growth.

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