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At AtlantiCare, treatment for breast cancer — surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy — is planned individually for each patient based on several factors. Doctors consider the type, stage, and size of the tumor, as well as your personal preferences, overall health, and ability to tolerate certain medications or treatment procedures. Each week, the cancer specialists at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center participate in multidisciplinary tumor-board conferences, during which plans of care for patients are reviewed and discussed.

Surgical treatment options include lumpectomy (the removal of the tumor and surrounding tissue from the breast) or mastectomy (the removal of one or both breasts). These procedures are performed in the specially equipped operating suites at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center. We also offer chemotherapy, hormonal therapies and biologics, and advanced radiation therapy on an outpatient basis at the AtlantiCare Cancer Care Institute in Egg Harbor Township.

For any of these options, our treatment philosophy is to preserve healthy tissue while attacking tumors at their primary site, as well as to any cancer cells that may have spread to other areas of the body. In addition, through our partnership with Fox Chase Cancer Center, we offer patients the opportunity, when appropriate, to enroll in clinical trials of investigational new medicines and therapies to fight cancer, manage treatment side effects, and improve quality of life.

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