Healthy Schools, Healthy Children

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Mar. 2014 Healthy Equations NL

Feb. 2014 Healthy Equations NL

Jan. 2014 Healthy Equations NL

Upcoming Events:

3-14-14 Motivation: The Art & Science of Classroom Success Workshop

March - Visiting Chef Demonstration to local schools

4/10/14 School Nurse Lecture Series


Healthy Schools, Healthy Children is one way AtlantiCare backs our commitment to take you and your family well into the future. With childhood obesity on the rise, we feel an urgent need to teach kids in our community how to eat healthy, stay active and establish wholesome habits for a lifetime. Our goal? To eliminate child obesity and all the health problems that can accompany it.

Through our partnership with local schools, we assist with the implementation of fitness and nutrition policies and make resources available to schools, students and families.