brain_scanWhat is Neuroscience?

Neuroscience defined in simple, broad terms

Understanding neuroscience seems beyond you and me, but reducing it to its simplest common denominator, it includes diagnosing

  • the  behavior of your brain cells and their relation to the rest of your body
  • how your brain collects information from its millions of individual nerve cells to produce behavior dysfunction
  • the countless complexities of your brain
  • your brain’s connection to your spine and nervous system;  how to find symptoms that tell the physician what kind of treatment you need
  • bodily dysfunctions related to the spine and brain; the specialists who can help you

You mean to say that what's causing my problem could be related to my spine or nervous system?

Unfortunately spine, brain and nervous system disorders are not confined to a specific group of people.  Anyone in any stage of life can develop some form of spine or nervous system cell disease related to the brain.