Why Home Health Care?

There's no place like home when a family member needs health care 

  • Home healthcare meets both Patient and caregiver needs
  • Shorter hospital stays and the need for continued treatment make professional homecare a must

Nothing helps a patient heal better than being home, surrounded with personal belongings, familiar objects, friends, family, and pets.  Home healthcare can help patients heal faster because they have peace of mind. No hospital stress or worrying about what’s happening at home. 

Furthermore, when a patient is healing at home, friends and family don’t have to make time to travel to/from visiting a hospital or nursing home during scheduled hours, so home healthcare benefits friends and family as well.

The Need for Healthcare at Home

The limits insurance carriers place on paying medical bills has resulted in significantly shortened hospital stays

The solution: Teams of professional skilled healthcare workers who attend to the patient’s needs at home. 

And what better way to have healthcare at home than with a team from the same hospital from which you were discharged?  No one will enable greater coordination between home and hospital, and no one will better understand your needs than your own hospital’s home healthcare staff.

Skilled healthcare at home is an integral part of the changing healing process. But it’s not a silver bullet:  The patient’s physician must write a prescription for specific, experienced, professional home healthcare to treat each specific patient need, so insurance providers, including Medicare, pay the bill – or at least a substantial portion of it. 

Be sure to check with your insurance carrier before making home healthcare arrangements, just to confirm what they’ll pay and how much you, or the patient, are responsible for, if any.