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If you or a loved one is recovering from a heart attack, heart surgery or is living with heart disease, ask your doctor about taking part in Dr. Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease® at the Heart Institute at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center (ARMC). ARMC has the region’s only full-service cardiac program, and we are proud to offer the nationally recognized Ornish Lifestyle Medicine™ as part of our continuum of care for people diagnosed with, or at risk of, heart disease.

Undo It with Ornish

What is Ornish? 

Ornish Lifestyle Medicine™ is an intensive outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program designed to restore and maintain your heart health. The program is scientifically proven by more than 35 years of research to prevent, stop and even reverse (“undo”) the progression of heart disease through targeted lifestyle changes. In addition, for people who have heart disease risk factors — diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol — Ornish Lifestyle Medicine™ may help protect your heart health before serious problems develop. If you are ready to feel better, have more energy, reduce your dependence on medications, and enjoy greater well-being, make the call that could save your life — or that of someone you love. Contact us today to find out more about Ornish Lifestyle Medicine™ at the Heart Institute at ARMC.

What will the Ornish Program Entail?

Participants in Ornish Lifestyle Medicine™ attend half-day sessions in Egg Harbor Township twice a week, for nine weeks.
In each session, you’ll learn proven techniques to optimize your cardiovascular health, with a particular focus on four key areas:

  • Nutrition
  • Stress management
  • Fitness
  • Social support

Participants go through the program in a comfortable small-group setting, sharing the experience with other community members who also have the common goal of reversing their heart disease and improving their well-being. Our dedicated, multi-disciplinary healthcare team expertly guides you through the program’s various activities every step of the way.

Team members include:

  • Program medical director
  • Registered dietitian
  • Stress management specialist
  • Exercise physiologist
  • Nurse case manager
  • Group support facilitator

morgan“If you have heart issues or diabetes – it definitely works,” says Morgan. “My grandfather went to see Dr. Elnahal just before Christmas and he said my Grandfather could see him in six months rather than three. While I was on the program, my endocrinologist took me off insulin and cut one of my oral meds by half and then by another half. She also cut my cholesterol medicine in half.” 

Read more about Rhonda Morgan's successful Ornish story here.






How Can I Learn More?

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Call us today to find out more Ornish Lifestyle Medicine™ has been proven to prevent, stop and even reverse heart disease by dealing with the root causes of your condition. The combined effect of all four lifestyle elements makes the transformative difference. The choices you make in your personal lifestyle have a powerful effect on your health. If heart disease is a concern for you, now is a great time to try Ornish Lifestyle Medicine™ at the Heart Institute at ARMC.

To enroll in an upcoming session (friends and family members are encouraged to sign up, too!), please call:

Denise Sutor, BSN, RN
Clinical Nurse Manager
Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation

For more information about Ornish Lifestyle Medicine™, please visit: www.ornish.com


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