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12 Ways to protect your joints

Maintain your ideal body weight. Proper nutrition is a must for healthy joints, bones and muscles

Exercise. Keep your body moving – “Use it or lose it!” Nothing relieves arthritis pain more effectively than 30 minutes of regular exercise daily

Stand up straight. Always monitor your posture

Use your biggest joints when lifting or carrying anything heavy in order to avoid injury and strain on smaller more delicate joints

Pace your activity. Alternate periods of heavy activity with time out for a rest

Listen to your body. It lets you know when you’re over-stressing your joints

Don’t be a couch potato. Change your position often in order to decrease joint and muscle stiffness. Get up at least once every hour and move around

Don’t be a weekend warrior! Start new activities slowly and safely until you know what your body will tolerate

Always wear proper safety equipment for sports. Wrist pads, knee pads and helmets were invented to protect your joints

Don’t try to do a job that’s too big for you to handle. Get help!

Get seven or eight hours of sleep every night

Consult your doctor if you have joint pain for two weeks or more

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