Bloodless Surgery

AtlantiCare is one of about 50 U.S. hospitals that practices bloodless medicine and surgery as an alternative to transfusion.   

What is Bloodless Surgery?

  • A form of medical care that reduces and often eliminates the need for a blood transfusion.
  • An acceptable solution for patients whose religion forbids blood transfusions.


  • Since the blood being transfused is yours, you know its safe
  • One visit to the hospital to donate your own blood is all it takes
  • You decrease and often eliminate the need for a blood transfusion
  • Your oxygen carrying capacity is increased by increasing your hemoglobin level and iron stores

Two medications are used in the bloodless medicine and surgery program:

  • Venofer - an iron sucrose given by IV which bypasses the gut, avoiding diarrhea or constipation
  • Epogen - a synthetic hormone similar to the hormone released by your kidneys; given by injection

Why Opt for Bloodless Surgery?

  • The longer blood is stored, the less potent it is, so it’s benefit to you diminishes
  • The significant decrease in the number of blood donors makes blood for transfusions less and less available, and more and more expensive
  • Not only is the cost of blood transfusions high and climbing, but there are administrative add-on costs over and above the cost of blood
  • You may refuse a blood transfusion for religious reasons
  • You may suffer a negative reaction to a blood transfusion
  • when someone else’s blood is used, there’s an increased risk of infection

Bloodless surgery helps with

  • tissue repair
  • new bone cell formation
  • boosting your immune system

It’s used in both invasive and non-invasive medicine and surgery.



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