What Happens After Surgery

Since mobility will be a challenge, make sure your home is prepared for you when you get out of the hospital. 

  • Things you use daily should be at arm’s length so you don’t bend unnecessarily
  • If your house has two stories and your bedroom is upstairs, have your bed moved downstairs temporarily
  • Have someone else move furniture so you have room  to get around with crutches, cane or a walker
  • Get rid of loose carpets or exposed electrical cords that could cause a fall
  • An ottoman or footstool is a comfort for helping you keep your operated limb straight out in front of you when sitting
  • Pockets, pockets, pockets.  Wear garments that have them for necessities – or carry a shoulder bag
  • Things to keep within arm’s reach at home:
    • phone
    • television and remote controls
    • radio
    • facial tissues
    • wastebasket
    • a pitcher of water and a glass
    • reading materials
    • medications

If you live alone, you’ll probably need to stay in a rehab center for a prescribed period of time.  Make sure your insurance covers this cost.

When you finally get home, you’ll probably need home nursing care for a week or two to help

  • with bathing
  • supervise your exercises
  • make sure you don’t over extend yourself
  • check your medical supplies
  • check your daily necessities



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