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Internal Medicine Residency Program

AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center (ARMC) is a community-based teaching hospital committed to providing trainees with the highest quality graduate medical education.  ARMC is dedicated to the education of health care professionals and providers.  Graduate medical education programs play an integral part in the ability of AtlantiCare to meet and further its mission, vision and values.

As a community-based teaching hospital, ARMC’s Internal Medicine Residency Program encourages coordinated health care delivery across the continuum, emphasizing health information and health engagement in the community. ARMC maintains high quality and distinction through its performance excellence commitments which are carried into our Internal Medicine Residency Program.  By focusing continuous improvement efforts as an organization in five areas, Best People and Workplace, Best Customer Experience, Best Financial Performance, Best Growth and Best Quality, ARMC ensures compliance with the ACGME Institutional Requirements and the ACGME Common Program Requirements, as well as the AOA Basic Documents for Postdoctoral Training, and the AOA Basic Standards for Residency Training in Internal Medicine,.

AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center agrees to provide the necessary educational, financial and human resources to support all graduate medical education programs.  The Internal Medicine teaching faculty is committed to providing quality training that complies with the ACGME Program Requirements for Graduate Medical Education in Internal Medicine and  the AOA Basic Standards for Residency Training in Internal Medicine to include all elements of a competency based experience.

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