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Updated 2/20/2014:

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Employee Resource Groups

ERG Group LogoALMA (AtlantiCare Latinos Moving Ahead)

Purpose Statement: ALMA engages and empowers our organization by advancing the cultural awareness and education in the compassionate care of our community.



ERG Group LogoAPEG (Asian Pacific Employee Group)

Purpose Statement: Educate the workforce on issues related to improving the delivery of patient care and focus on the unique health needs of the Asian Pacific community.



ERG Group LogoHeritage of S.O.U.L (Supporting, Outreach, Unity, Leadership)

Purpose Statement: Heritage of SOUL will empower our workplace and community to embrace diversity and promote healthy living.



ERG Group LogoHONORS (Helping our military with Navigation, Opportunity, Resources and Support)

Purpose Statement: HONORS mission is to support the goals of AtlantiCare by promoting and understanding the roles and contributions made by veteran and active duty military employees and family members.



ERG Group LogoP.R.I.D.E. (Promoting Respect for Individuality and Equality) – LGBT

Purpose Statement: PRIDE engages in promoting respect for individuality, diversity and equality for the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgendered community and their families.


AtlantiCare Nursing Professional Practice Model

The Professional Practice Model is based on the work of nursing theorist Jean Watson and her Theory of Human Caring (Caring Science).

The schematic representation of the model as portrayed by the tree of life guides nurses at all levels as they provide care to patients, collaborate within interprofessional teams, and contribute to the larger nursing profession. Each part in the diagram depicts an essential component of nursing practice at AtlantiCare. All components are interdependent and ultimately come together at the center (the heart), illustrating our commitment to our "PACE" approach, Patients are the Center of Everything, for the delivery of care.


Professional Practice Illustration


Nursing is both an art and a science. The leaves in the diagram represent our nursing practice and delivery of care at all levels of the organization.


The heart at the center of the model represents the patients/families/significant other, colleagues, and self. AtlantiCare nurses are accountable to patients/families/significant others, colleagues, and self as they collaborate to create a healing environment and provide patient centered care experience that is caring, compassionate, competent, and demonstrates safe and quality patient outcomes.


The essence of nursing practice is caring. The trunk and hands in the diagraph represent our theoretical framework, Jean Watson's Theory of Caring -Caring Science Ten Caritas Processes.


The root system in the diagram represents our organization's mission, vision, and values that our nurses embrace and demonstrate every day.
Learn more about Dr. Jean Watson's Theory of Human Caring

diversity logoStrength in Diversity

Diversity at AtlantiCare

AtlantiCare takes an inclusive view of diversity. We believe diversity to encompass more than the visible differences such as age, gender and race. Work styles, geographic location, and length-of-service, are examples of other diversity dimensions which enrich our workforce and allow us to be more creative, flexible, and competitive. These divergent dimensions foster opportunities for an increased range of learning, innovation, personal growth, and the delivery of superior culturally/community competent health care services.

Statement from David Tilton, CEO & President, AtlantiCare

AtlantiCare is continuously seeking to understand the unique healthcare needs of the various communities and cultures we serve throughout our region. While working toward our vision of building healthier communities, we are deeply committed to effectively caring for every individual we serve; understanding and respecting the unique needs of the lives we touch and eliminating healthcare disparities and barriers to treatment so we can further open access to care.

Thank you for visiting the Diversity section of our website. I hope you enjoy learning about AtlantiCare's diversity work and the many ways we demonstrate our commitment to eliminating healthcare disparities.

Be well,

David P. Tilton
David Tilton's signature

CEO & President, AtlantiCare

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Statement from Richard Lovering, Vice President of Human Resources and OD, AtlantiCare

Here at AtlantiCare, we recognize and celebrate individual differences as dimensions that enrich our workforce and allow us to be more creative, flexible and competitive. We support a culture of inclusion, where all employees are encouraged to contribute their diverse ideas, background, talents and experiences. We promote open communication
and a mutually respectful environment for staff and customers.

Part of our commitment to diversity is evidenced by the work of our Employee Resource Groups. I am very proud of all they have accomplished and hope you enjoy learning more as you further explore this section of our website.


Richard Lovering's signature

Richard Lovering
Vice President of Human Resources and OD, AtlantiCare

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Commitment to Diversity

AtlantiCare's commitment to diversity supports creating a culture of inclusion, where all employees are encouraged to contribute their diversity of ideas, background, talents and experiences. We will attain a culture of inclusion by promoting open communication, knowledge sharing and innovation, and creating a mutually respectful environment for our workforce and customers.

AtlantiCare is also committed to eliminating health care disparities. We will enhance the delivery of our health care services for our diverse community by respecting our differences and leveraging cultural competence to build healthy communities.

We will achieve our vision by:

  • Fostering a work environment that values diversity and encourages expression of ideas from everyone;
  • Achieving performance excellence by providing treatment and customer experience reflective of our customers' beliefs, backgrounds, cultural and community practices;
  • and addressing the changing health care needs of our diverse community through education.

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Diversity and Inclusion Council

Guided by our values of safety, teamwork, integrity, respect and service, the Diversity and Inclusion Council will lead, advocate, coordinate, and communicate AtlantiCare's diversity and inclusion efforts. The work of the council demonstrates our commitment to eliminating health care disparities to improve the health of our diverse community, and is aligned with the organization's vision and performance excellence commitments.

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Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups are a part of AtlantiCare's commitment to diversity and inclusion. AtlantiCare supports the group's initiatives to create and sustain an inclusive and engaged work environment where all differences are valued, respected, and celebrated. ERGs are also committed to enhancing the delivery of our healthcare services for our diverse community. The groups are formed around common interests but are open to all employees. View a list of our Employee Resource Groups

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