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For Immediate Release: August 20, 2015

ARMC Mainland Campus Modernization features Summer
Day and Fall Splendor, Ocean City Spring and Winter Delight
More than 200 pieces of art contribute to healing environment

AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center Mainland Campus takes patients, staff and visitors to Discovery at Water’s Edge, Sunset at Bidwell’s Creek, and Maples on the Mullica. It invites them to experience Whisper, Poppies and Hope. And it shows them A Perfect Beach Day, Koi-in-Pursuit, and Milky Way over the Grand Tetons.

In all, the $62.5 million Mainland Modernization Project features 225 pieces of artwork. The project, which includes a two-story expansion of the hospital that opened to the community June 22, includes the works of more than 70 artists. Featuring the theme “healing through nature,” the artwork includes two-dimensional and three-dimensional original pieces; oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings; gicleé prints; mixed media art; photography; mosaics; ceramics; fabric art; collages; and sculptures are some of the many different art forms.

The art includes 38 original works by 11 artists, which are displayed throughout the expansion of the Campus, which marks its 40th anniversary in June. The artwork is funded through AtlantiCare’s Healing Arts Program, as part of AtlantiCare’s commitment to including regional art in its facilities to create a peaceful, healing environment for patients, visitors and staff.

I-Am-A-River-by-Dorrie-Papademetriou'I Am A River' by Dorrie Papademetriou, of Linwood, NJ

Among the artists who contributed signature pieces are:

Cynthia Back, of Landsdowne, PA, creates collages from fragments of her prints and paintings combined with Gouache paint. Back’s piece Marsh View consists of unique collages with a focus on the soothing light in forests of the Adirondacks, and the wetlands and bays of the New Jersey shore region.

Back also submitted six non-commissioned pieces, including Bay’s Edge, Inlet, Early Spring, Adirondacks #1, Adirondacks #2, Adirondacks #3.

“I’m delighted to have my work be a part of this project,” says Back. “I believe that viewing images of beauty, light, and color can soothe and calm a person, and provide interest and focus instead of allowing a mind to wander off on worry. It also sends positive messages to the brain,” says Back.

Caz Boyd, of Linwood, NJ, created A Shelter of Leaves, consisting of layers of leaves, oaks, sassafras, linden, sugar maples and pear. She describes the art as meditative but sweet. She explains the repetition of patterns, and softening of colors, is intended to leave viewers in an untroubled state.

Boyd says she hopes people seeking sanctuary will feel sheltered after viewing her piece.

“It’s a gift to contribute to AtlantiCare’s Healing Arts program and to be able to share its efforts in making care areas beautiful, compassionate and restorative places,” says Boyd. “AtlantiCare has committed to a new approach in health care – one that is very kind and believes in the power of healing in many ways. By asking artists to share in that belief and to create artwork to be showcased in its health care centers, AtlantiCare has brought together the creative spirit of many who hope their art can bring a sense of peace, of being cared for, and even unexpected strength.”

Diane Emerson, of Medford, NJ, submitted a medallion called Unlimited Balance, a round shape she says depicts wholeness and protection – two elements that contribute to the healing process. Its two branches symbolize expansion and the search for light; and nourishment and freedom.

“It’s wonderful to be a part of the project. I’ve visited other waiting rooms and facilities that were void of any kind of decoration or art on which one could focus,” says Emerson. “It’s so nice to see the art because it lifts your spirits. It makes whatever you’re going through a little bit easier to take.”

Laura McClanahan, of Glen Gardner, NJ, created three pieces – Cover Me in Golden Light, Celestial Sea Home, and Ascension Spiral – that are in the Same Day Surgery waiting room in the expansion of the hospital. McClanahan incorporates water, and natural and flow patterns into her paintings. She made the patterns by pouring paint in thin layers onto the various media, which she says creates resistance and flow patterns. McClanahan explains that the water patterns represent patterns of behavior and consciousness – determining if someone is within the flow or not, and what is blocking his or her way.

Sometimes an aid is needed in unblocking energy, and for this McClanahan explains that she has added gold and sacred geometry to the mix. The gold is conductive, precious and luminous. Adding the glow of gold to any space brings feelings of enrichment and abundance. She also added spirals to indicate the dynamic order of all living things as a comforting primordial symbol.

“I am grateful to be a part of the Healing Arts program,” says McClanahan. “I set an intention for the New Year for my art to help heal people, and then I received the email the next day about this call to artist.”

McClanahan also submitted noncommissioned pieces Peacock Meditation, Recovery Path, and Expand.

Missy Mohn Schwartz, of Haddonfield, NJ, developed a series of three panels showing the sky during the three different times of day, representing a day in the hospital. The piece is titled Infinite Possibilities. The first panel, ‘A New Day,’ has less intense colors, representing a sunrise – which brings a sense of calm and new possibilities. The second panel, ‘Hope,’ represents midday – all of the processes a patient goes through during the day. The panel uses brighter colors to stimulate the mind but is still peaceful. The last panel, ‘Rest,’ uses brilliant, yet soothing colors to represent a sunset as the patient unwinds for the day.

“With every stroke, I thought, ‘may this bring joy to someone,’” says Mohn Schwartz.

Lisa Palombo, of Caldwell, NJ created a 48” by 48” centerpiece painting of water lilies titled Radiance, incorporating the soothing colors of purple and blue, as well as green for the love of nature and rebirth.

“I feel that art in hospitals and healing places should be soothing, tranquil, yet positive and uplifting to put viewers at ease,” says Palombo. “The theme of ‘healing through nature’ has always been part of my underlying philosophy in my paintings, so I am thrilled to be part of this project.”

Dorrie Papademetriou, of Linwood, NJ, was inspired by the surrounding waterways for her four-piece mosaic titled I Am a River. The life-giving water is ever moving, constant, but never the same. It flows forward, and at different times quiet, anxious, turbulent, caught in an eddy, or free flowing, but never the same. Over time it deepens and widens, carving its own path.

“In life, we encounter different twists and turns and unpredictability, yet we find strength, endure, and move forward; perhaps, forever changed, but looking forward to the next bend in the river,” says Papademetriou.

Joanie San Chirco, of Toms River, NJ, submitted Watershed – 10, 4’ by 6’ foot panel paintings layered with satellite maps of the community the hospital serves. The work serves as a wayfinding component from the registration area in the main lobby to the new Pine Cone Gift Shop and café bar. Patients and visitors can examine the art to find the location of where they live or work. Six of the panels are currently installed.

“The panels also depict the relationship and close proximity of local, priceless wetlands, including the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge,” says San Chirico. “An aerial view reminds the viewer about our human presence in an area which must be protected from environmental dangers.”

Poppies-by-Jan-Bendyna'Poppies' by Jan Bendyna, of Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Jan Bendyna, of Egg Harbor Township, NJ, produced four paintings on canvas titled Adrift, Harbor, Inlet, and Poppies. Bendyna explains the project was both challenging and enjoyable, as it allowed her to use her signature vibrant color palette while still maintaining the calming theme of healing through nature. Her imagery included weathered boats – strong and still able to take on a storm; along with poppies – a delicate flower disguising a strong resilience.

“When people think of the surroundings of a medical unit, they generally fall back on the idea of soft, muted tones. It was a pleasure to work with the AtlantiCare team, specifically Cheryl Broschard, coordinator, Cultural and Community Projects. They are keenly aware of how and where to place a pop of color. I attempted to present it in a way that held up the soothing theme and provided a positive healing energy,” says Bendyna.

Commissioned artist Jose Chora, of Egg Harbor Township, NJ, submitted Embrace. Large panels feature motivational words, including ‘Believe’, ‘Embrace’, ‘Hope’, and ‘Courage’. “The words help you get through the process because they are uplifting and the stick in your mind,” says Chora, who says he began contributing works to AtlantiCare’s Healing Arts Program after the death of his father from cancer. “It was actually a healing process doing the art work,” he explains.

Embrace - By-Jose-Chora-Panels-Courage-Believe-Embrace-Hope'Embrace' By Jose Chora, of Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Additional artists and works include:

Tracy Anderson, of South Seaville, NJ, submitted Raspberry Petals and Back Bay Egret.

Hetty Baiz, of Princeton, NJ, submitted Bird in Flight, Butterfly, Elephant, Fish Series #2, Cow, Blue Butterfly, Zebra, Fish Series #3, Raccoon, Crab, Dog, Rabbit Series #2, Bison, and Goose.

Jonathan Baker, of Egg Harbor Township, NJ, submitted Rendezvous, The Diving Horse, and Lucy Morning.

Mike Bell, of Northfield, NJ, submitted Discovery at Water’s Edge and Super Boy.

Dawn Benko, of Montague, NJ, submitted Blaze and Whisper.

Joanne Bodnar, of Whitehouse Station, NJ, submitted Poppies, Parrot Tulips, Orchids and Fall Splendor.

Silvere Boureau, of Yardley, PA, submitted Porcelain Vine, White Rhododendron, Les Roses a Francoise, Tulip & Young Vine, and Wild Roses.

Lisa Budd, of West Creek, NJ, submitted In the Limelight, Ocean City Spring, and Koi-In Pursuit.

Jean, Burdick, of Yardley, PA, submitted Trailing; Dual Shadows; Filtered; Overlook Trail; Intertwined; Early August, Promised Lake I; and Early August, Promised Lake II.

Chris Carter, of Califon, NJ, submitted Awakening From a Long Slumber.

Denise Croft, of Tabernacle, NJ, submitted Fruit on the Vine.

Richard Demler, of Somerset, NJ, submitted Starburst, Male Painted Bunting, and Female Painted Bunting.

Paul Dempsey, of Mays Landing, NJ, submitted Marie’s Schwinn and Splash.

NJ DeVico, of Titusville, NJ, submitted Around the Corner and How Long Have You Lived Here?

Jim Dixon, of Franklinville, NJ, submitted New Beginnings; Quiet Serenity; The Road Less Traveled; A New Day; Castle in the Sand; Great Expectations; Live, Hope, Dream; Sleeping Valleys; and The Family Flock.

Kathy Anne English, of Sweetwater, NJ, submitted Table for One?, Pemaquid Light Above and Below, On the Way to Barnegat Bay, and Lunch Break.

Joseph Evangelista, of Del Haven, NJ, Lonely Sunset, Sunset at Bidwell’s Creek, and January Sunset.

Judi Gilden, of Marlboro, NJ, submitted Bougainvillea Series 1.

Amy Golden, of Voorhees, NJ, submitted A Kayaker’s View.

Tommy Graef, of Estell Manor, NJ, submitted Trumpeter Swan.

Claire Han, of Princeton Jct., NJ, submitted Spring 1.

Susan Hanna Rau, of Ocean View, NJ, submitted Back Bay Morning.

Paul Harrington, of Linwood, NJ, submitted Poppies No. 1, Poppies No 2., Spring No. 15, and SeaScape No.5.

Alice Harrison, of Morristown, NJ, submitted Riverbank 1, Riverbank 2, and Riverbank 3.

Carol Hess Plimpton, of Cherry Hill, NJ, submitted Lily Pads on the Lake.

Albert Horner, of Medford Lakes, NJ, submitted Mullica Basin East, Island of Colour, Mullica Bend Basin, Maples on the Mullica, Into the Forest, Wading River Fall, Mullica at Lower Bank, and Batsto Canopy.

Holly Horner, of Egg Harbor Township, NJ, submitted Fish; North Beach, Brigantine; Hokianga Harbour; and Road Through the Redwoods.

Neal Hughes, of Moorestown, NJ, submitted Wildflowers by the Lake, Tranquil Dawn, Restless Rising, Mohegan Sunlight, Island Bell, Tiger Lilies at Smithville, June Morning, Island Fog, Solitude, Red House Roses, Cottage by the Sea, and Boat House Blooms.

Kelly Hunt, of Hammonton, NJ, submitted Gliding In, Reflecting on the Fall, and Splash of Red.

James Indelicarto, of Beesley’s Point, NJ, submitted Guardian, Seashore Serenity, Beach Fence Abstract, Dreamer and Droplets.

Yellow-Bird-by-Betsy-Naumchik'Yellow Bird' by Betsy Naumchik, of Galloway, NJ

Jeanne Jablonski, of Williamstown, NJ, submitted The Maurice River at Triple Oaks and Hyssop Among the Susans.

Veronica Kairos, of Collingswood, submitted Anna’s Hummingbird.

Scott Kern, of Moorestown, NJ, submitted Absecon Sunrise, Brigantine Back Bay, and Tranquil Lake.

Joanne Killian, of Margate, NJ, submitted Summer Day.

Wanda Kline, of Ocean City, NJ, submitted In the Morning Mist, Bobbing Boats, Umbrellas and Chairs, and Pretty Umbrellas.

Robert Koch, of Jersey City, NJ, submitted the sculpture Embracing Arms.

Sam Leone, of West Deptford, NJ, submitted Red Barn Project #1, Red Barn Project #3, and Along the Lost River Bay.

Scott, Mahrer, of Egg Harbor Township, NJ, submitted Tarnished Lilies.

Lucretia McGuff-Silverman, of Roosevelt, NJ, submitted Delaware Water Gap, Stream; Two Roads Divided in a Yellow Woods; and The Encounter in the Woods.

Dan Myers, of Somers Point, NJ, submitted Earth’s Vibration and Wind Surfing.

Marie Natale, of Egg Harbor Township, NJ, submitted Boys of Summer, Early Morning Marsh Hues, A Day at the Point, and Life Imitating Art.

Betsy Naumchik, of Galloway, NJ, submitted Gentle Disturbance, Hidden, Swan Flight, The Profile, Yellow Bird, The Beauty Within, Pretties in Pink, Seamless Swim, Titmouse Delight, and Winter Delight.

Michele Pasciullo, of Ocean City, NJ, submitted Tree of Life, and Hope.

Joseph Perno, of Moorestown, NJ, submitted Blue Heron.

Diane Podolsky, of Philadelphia, PA, submitted Beneath the Surface (Night) and Beneath the Surface (Day).

Linda Ramsay, of Wenonah, NJ, submitted Perfect Beach Day, Yellow Schwinn, Three Boats, Bike Buddies, and Bike Portrait.

Vera Resnik, of Hainesport, NJ, submitted Sunflowers.

Paul Scharff, of Highlands, NJ, submitted Morning Mist, Every Color, and Sun Rays.

Stephen Schneiderman, of Mays Landing, NJ, submitted Amazing Maze, Brigantine Beach Dune, Brigantine Beach Fence, and Lobster Shanty Atlantic City.

Maxine Shore, of East Windsor, NJ, submitted Wellfleet, Summer in Provence, Island Beach Walk, Colorful Houses, End of Summer, Provincetown Harbor, and Ballston Beach.

Liron Sissman, of Park Ridge, NJ, submitted Golden Hour III, Seeing the Light III, and Evening Glow.

Daniel Sroka, of Morristown, NJ, submitted Evergreen, Corona 2, and Current 1.

Ken Stetz, of Neptune, NJ, submitted Morning Sunlight, A Way of Life, Bay Sunset, and The Dune.

Gloria Stumm, of Pilesgrove, NJ, submitted Fleurs de I’Hotel Chalfonte.

Susan Topper, of Metuchen, NJ, submitted Purple Crocus.

David Woeller, of Millville, NJ, submitted Sandpiper Sunrise, Sisters, and The Committee.

Patricia Worley, of Medford Lakes, NJ, submitted Milky Way Over the Grand Tetons, Perfect Poppy, Himalayan Delight, and Double Poppy.

Lindsay Wray, of Egg Harbor Township, NJ, submitted On the Edge, Inlet Breaker, and Summer Dune at Dusk.

Liz Wuillermin, of Folsom, NJ, submitted Floral Painting Series #1, Floral Painting Series #2, Floral Painting Series #3, and Floral Painting Series #4.

Nancy Yarnall von Halle, of Avalon, NJ, submitted Pine Waters and Egret.

For more information about AtlantiCare, visit www.atlanticare.org or www.atlanticarewell4life.org, call the AtlantiCare Access Center at 1-888-569-1000, or find AtlantiCare on Facebook.

For more information about the AtlantiCare’s Healing Arts, visit http://www.atlanticare.org/healingarts/.

Jennifer Tornetta, (O) 609-569-7010, (C) 609-335-3446, jennifer.tornetta@atlanticare.org
Betsy Woerner, (O) 609-748-7539, (C) 609-385-6361, betsy.woerner@atlanticare.org


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