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ARMC Patient Visitation Policy

It is the policy of ARMC to encourage the presence of a support individual of the patient's choice to be present with the patient for emotional support during the patient's stay, unless the individual's presence infringes on others' rights, safety, or is medically or therapeutically contraindicated. This person may or may not be the patient's legally authorized representative.

ARMC considers visitors important partners in the healing process.

The welfare of the patient and other patients in the hospital, as well as hospital operations, must always be taken into consideration. ARMC's staff may impose certain restrictions on visitation if the patient is likely to become unduly upset or tired or if visitation is likely to otherwise negatively impact the patient's health and welfare.

Patients are entitled to decline visitors should they so wish. If the hospital staff is informed of the patient's wishes to decline visitors, staff will endeavor to ensure that patient's wishes are honored. ARMC staff may revoke visitation or require any visitor to leave the hospital if such visitor's behavior becomes an issue affecting patients or operations, or if patient care or safety may be compromised.

Families are encouraged to designate a family spokesperson to facilitate effective communication among extended family members and hospital staff.

The health care team of ARMC can arrange for designated times to provide guidance to the patient and family to make care decisions.

To read more, please download the full ARMC Patient Visitation Policy

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