Frequently Asked Questions

Anesthesia and Pain Management
What kind of anesthesia and pain relief is available if I opt for surgery?

The surgeon and anesthesiologist will determine what’s best for you, taking into account any allergies you may have. Most joint replacement patients receive spinal anesthesia. At AtlantiCare, we are committed to eliminating your pain after surgery as much as possible. Our pain management protocol starts before you even enter the operating room! Our surgeons and anesthesiologists have collaborated to develop special protocols for preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative pain management to help you begin a pain-free recovery.

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With regional (spinal) anesthesia, am I awake during surgery?

You may stay awake, or the physician may give you a sedative, but you won’t see or feel the actual surgery.

“Conscious sedation” describes a semi-conscious state that allows you to be comfortable and pain-free, yet aware of what’s happening, compared with deep sedation where you sleep throughout the procedure and have little or no memory of what happened to you.

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What are the choices for pain relief after surgery?

All pain medications are prescribed by your surgeon. We do everything to ensure that your pain is well managed and carefully controlled. We understand that all patients are different and that’s why we use a variety of pain management methods that include IV or oral pain-relieving medications, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, mobilization, pain patches and more.

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