How Can I Prevent A Heart Attack?

If I've been diagnosed with heart disease, how can I prevent a heart attack?

Above all, if you’re a smoker, quit!

  • Keep your blood pressure low
  • Schedule regular visits with your physician, physician assistant or nurse to monitor your progress
  • Monitor symptoms yourself
  • Check for changes in your fluid status
  • Schedule regular follow-up visits with your cardiology team
  • Notify each of your doctors about
    • your heart failure
    • any medications you are on
    • any restrictions you have
  • Keep accurate records and take them with you to each doctor’s visit
  • Decrease your risks of progressive heart disease
    • Reach and maintain a weight level that’s healthy for you
    • Control high blood pressure
    • Control high cholesterol
    • Manage diabetes
    • Exercise regularly
    • Do not drink alcohol or drinks that contain too much caffeine
    • Decrease your intake of salt
    • Take medications as prescribed
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