Getting Started

How do I sign up for the portal?

The AtlantiCare Health-E You Patient Portal is available to anyone over 18 who has received medical care at an AtlantiCare facility. The easiest way to join is to ask about it at your next visit with your AtlantiCare Primary Care Plus provider.
In the event of a hospital visit or emergency room visit, you will also be invited to sign up for the portal.

Can I sign up without coming to the doctor/hospital?

At this time, no. You must visit an AtlantiCare outpatient facility such as AtlantiCare Primary Care Plus, AtlantiCare Urgent Care, or AtlantiCare Clinical Labs to get an invitation to the portal. Patients who visit the ED or become admitted to ARMC can also sign up. This process enables us to verify the identity of the patient, helping to ensure that we are protecting the privacy or our patients’ health information.

Can AtlantiCare employees sign up for the portal?

Yes, the process is the same as for any other AtlantiCare patient.

What is the registration process?

During your office or hospital visit, you will be asked if you would like to sign up for the patient portal. If you accept the invitation, you will need to provide an active e-mail address. You will receive an e-mail with a link inviting you to register for the portal. You will be asked to create a unique user identification (ID) and password the first time you visit the AtlantiCare Health-E You Patient Portal. This ID and password will be used to log into the portal every time you enter the site.

What if I have not received my invitation to the portal?

Do I need any special computer equipment to use the Patient Portal?

No. All you need is access to a computer, an email account and an Internet connection

What if I do not have an email account?

Free email accounts can be accessed through, and if you do not currently have one.