Academic Affiliates

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Forms and Unit Descriptions

Forms and Unit Descriptions

Coordinators and Instructors


The following information is intended for Academic Affiliates. Not yet an affiliate? If interested in learning more about the Student Placement Program authorized agents representing an academic institution are invited to send inquiries to the Student Placement Coordinator Student Placement Coordinator

Prerequisite for New/Existing affiliates:

Please note, educational institutions are required to designate one primary and one alternate coordinator for all student placements and related business. Any individual student attempting to contact the Student Placement Coordinator will be referred to the coordinators at their institution.

Existing Affiliates:

Existing affiliates must submit a copy of liability insurance annually to AtlantiCare legal department. For information contact the Academic affiliate Liaison at

The following prerequisites must be completed before beginning clinical rotations:

1. Coordinators/Instructors

  • Review Clinical Placement Policies (remove - not going to use)
  • Review AtlantiCare Affiliate and Student Handbook (instructors/coordinators portion – attached)
  • Submit individual or group student requests (see student forms – under forms heading)
  • Submit verification that the clinical orientation checklist is 100% complete. (see forms)
  • Timeline required for all student placements. (see forms)

2. Instructors and Students

  • Review AtlantiCare Affiliate / Student Handbook (link to 2016 Clinical Orientation HB - will require some tweeking on our part)
  • Review and sign HIPPA and Compliance Confirmation forms (print, sign, scan and email to )

3. Requesting access to AtlantiCare Facilities and systems

  • For badging hours, badging hours
  • All badges must be clearly  visible and worn above the waist
  • Digital student photos may be required before student rotation.
  • Cost of student and faculty badge is $20 per badge. Affiliate may choose to purchase a group of student badges to be used for recurring student groups. If students purchase badges, $20 is refunded once the badge is returned. All AtlantiCare individual student badges must be returned to security at the completion of the semester.
  • All students must have an AtlantiCare Student badge as well as student badge from academic institution.
  • All instructors must have an AtlantiCare Student instructor badge and affiliate instructor badge.
  • For Badges – security – complete the badging request form (see forms) to and
  • For computer access  - complete Student Clinical Placement requests (see forms) and submit to and
  • Affiliates requesting access to facilities and systems for students, please refer to Student/Affiliate Handbook

Submitting Student requests

  • Please submit requests based on student request timeline
  • All student placement (group or individual) requests must adhere to student request timeline

5. Unit descriptions: City and ML unit description/algorithm (attached – docs will require tweeking)

6. Forms: would like this set up prefacing access to this form: are you an affiliate?

Here is what will come up when you answer no (utilizing email address in place of sac@virtua – can’t get link directly to this page so here is screen shot)

              (group & individual student placement request – attached; student request timeline submission - attached):

7. If the answer is yes, for student group requests and student documentation checklist, will kick the online form to complete.

Student Information and Instructions

Student Information and Instructions content goes here

Student Affiliate Portal

AtlantiCare is committed to supporting students in the advancement of their education by providing meaningful clinical experiences.

The clinical coursework experience is intended to assist your transition from the role of student to that of practitioner.

In order to obtain a student affiliation experience at AtlantiCare, the experience must fulfill the course requirement for practicum hours, achieve the objectives of the course and your personal objectives.


Unit Descriptions (Last updated 10.4.16)

Student Clinical Placement List

Online Student and Group Request Form