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Patient Portal

Getting Started

How do I sign up for the portal?

The AtlantiCare Health-E You Patient Portal is available to anyone over 18 who has received medical care at an AtlantiCare facility. The easiest way to join is to ask about it at your next visit with your AtlantiCare Primary Care Plus provider.
In the event of a hospital visit or emergency room visit, you will also be invited to sign up for the portal.

Can I sign up without coming to the doctor/hospital?

At this time, no. You must visit an AtlantiCare outpatient facility such as AtlantiCare Primary Care Plus, or AtlantiCare Urgent Care to get an invitation to the portal. Patients who visit the ED or become admitted to ARMC can also sign up. This process enables us to verify the identity of the patient, helping to ensure that we are protecting the privacy or our patients’ health information.

Can AtlantiCare employees sign up for the portal?

Yes, the process is the same as for any other AtlantiCare patient.

What is the registration process?

During your office or hospital visit, you will be asked if you would like to sign up for the patient portal. If you accept the invitation, you will need to provide an active e-mail address. You will receive an e-mail with a link inviting you to register for the portal. You will be asked to create a unique user identification (ID) and password the first time you visit the AtlantiCare Health-E You Patient Portal. This ID and password will be used to log into the portal every time you enter the site.

What if I have not received my invitation to the portal?

Do I need any special computer equipment to use the Patient Portal?

No. All you need is access to a computer, an email account and an Internet connection

What if I do not have an email account?

Free email accounts can be accessed through www.hotmail.com, www.gmail.com and www.yahoomail.com if you do not currently have one.




Patient Portal FAQs

Portal-Related Questions

Can I access my entire/complete chart?

The patient portal does not contain your complete medical record.

How can I obtain a copy of my entire medical record?

Where does my health information come from?

All of your information is pulled directly from your electronic health records. You will see information from your visits to AtlantiCare Health system locations. It does not contain information from any visits to independent physicians’ offices outside of our organization, even if they are physicians who work with AtlantiCare Health. Also, information from Behavioral Health visits is not displayed, due to strict privacy laws regarding that information

Can I share my password with a family member so I don’t have to sign them up separately?

No, this is not recommended. Each person should have his or her own AtlantiCare Health Patient Portal account. That way, you will always have the choice in the future to stop sharing your information with another person.

Can my spouse and I use the same email address to request our invitations?

Yes, you can use the same email for your patient portal invitations, but will need to create separate accounts with unique usernames and passwords.

What should I do if I change my email address?

Please be sure to promptly let us know your new email address, to ensure that you do not miss any notifications. You can stop by any of your AtlantiCare locations and fill out a new registration form. Then, we will send another invitation to your new email address. To ensure the privacy of your medical information, we cannot accept a change of email address over the phone.

What is Cerner Health?  What is eClinicalWorks?

Cerner and eClinicalWorks are the companies that provide AtlantiCare’s electronic medical record system and our patient portal. The login ID that you create when registering for AtlantiCare Health Patient Portal is sometimes referred to as a Cerner or eClinicalWorks Health account.

What happens if I don’t receive an invitation?

For ARMC call 1-877-621-8014
For AtlantiCare Physician Group please call your provider

I don’t see all of my clinic/provider listed in the portal? Why?

You will only see and be able to message clinics/providers where you have an established relationship through a previous or upcoming visit. If your provider's clinic is active on the portal, please contact your provider's office and let them know that your provider is not listed.  

How will I know when I have a new message?

When a new message arrives in your Patient Portal inbox, an email alert will be sent to the email address you provided when you set up your account. NOTE: Please notify your provider’s office if your email address changes.

Can I enter information into the Portal?

Other than secure messaging, you will be able to update your demographic information.  Future enhancements will include questionaries’ and other modules to upload health related information.

Is technical support available?

Technical support is available at no charge, 24 hours daily.


All personally identifying information shared through the AtlantiCare Health-E You Patient Portal (such as your name and email address) will be treated with the highest levels of confidentiality. We will never share, sell or lease your personally identifying information with any person or organization outside of AtlantiCare.


AtlantiCare’s Health-E You Patient Portal uses advanced encryption technology to protect your personal information, as well as the messages shared between you and your AtlantiCare providers.



Portal-Related Terms

Transition of Care Summary

A transition of care summary is used to help ensure the coordination and continuity of care when patients transition between different locations or different levels of care within the same location. It provides essential clinical information for the receiving care team and helps organize final clinical and administrative activities for the transferring care team. This document improves transitions and discharges, communication among providers, and cross-setting relationships which can improve care quality and safety.

What is a Personal Health Record (PHR)?

A Personal Health Record (PHR) gives you the ability to document, store, and manage your personal health-related information and records from any number of healthcare organizations. It is not the same as AtlantiCare Health Patient Portal, which is a patient portal that displays information from AtlantiCare Health facilities electronic health record. Please remember this is not the patient portal.


Patient Portal

Secure online access to your health information and AtlantiCare providers



The AtlantiCare Health-E You Patient Portal is designed to help you be a more involved partner in your own healthcare. The portal makes it easy to contact your AtlantiCare team of providers and view your medical information through a special password-protected website.
You may access the AtlantiCare Health-E You Patient Portal at any time, day or night -- whenever it is most convenient for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Didn't receive your portal invitation?

  • AtlantiCare Physician Group Patients, please call your provider's office.
  • ARMC Patients, please call 1-877-621-8014. 




About the AtlantiCare Patient Portal

What is it?

The AtlantiCare Health-E You Patient Portal is a secure, password protected web site designed to strengthen the partnership between AtlantiCare’s patients and their providers by making it easy for patients to contact their doctors and view their medical information.
Registered patients have access to the portal any time and from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Who can use it?

Any AtlantiCare patient over age 18 can register for the patient portal.

What can I do?


  • Features
    • Secure online messaging between patient and physician’s office
    • Appointment requests
    • View online lab results, medications, allergies, immunizations, transition of care summary and more
    • Online prescription refill requests
    • Online personal health record
  • Benefits
    • Patients can save time by using the secure messaging feature to communicate with the physician’s office for non-urgent matters.
    • Patients gain more control over their health information via access to a comprehensive health record that includes visit summaries, a medication list, health conditions, and upcoming appointments.

Does it cost anything?

There is no fee to use the AtlantiCare patient portal.



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